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Email Marketing Audit and Marketing Automation Audit is a proven method to quickly accelerate your results. Guaranteed.

Fast Track / Immediate Improvement / Email Marketing / Email Nurturing / Email Campaigns

The fast track audit to improve your email marketing, marketing automation and email nurturing. The GIDMA Email Marketing Audit gives you concrete, actionable tips on what you need to do in order to increase your results..

The methodology is anchored in over 20 years of email marketing, CRM and marketing automation experience.

The email marketing and marketing automation audits are focused, to the point and – above all – actionable. An audit helps you understand exactly what you need to do in order to improve results.

Email Marketing Audits for Everyone

Email marketing and marketing automation audits were designed to make them relevant for any type of business. Big or small.

  • Basic Email Marketing Audit: is focused on the areas of your email marketing program that matters the most.
  • Comprehensive Email Marketing Audit: analyses and evaluates all important areas including technical aspects such as deliverability, mobility and ROI focus.
  • Data Driven Marketing Capabilities Audit: is for the organization wishing to move to the next level. It analyses email marketing, marketing automation and CRM capabilities.
  • Marketing Automation Audit: is focused on the three main components of marketing automation that typically makes or breaks the success of marketing automation

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Better results with email marketing and marketing automation optimization.

If your current need relates to email marketing or marketing automation, GIDMA can help. Working with our highly experienced consultants, you can use our expertise to:

  • Optimize specific areas of your email marketing, marketing automation or data driven marketing programs
  • Implement all aspects of email marketing and marketing automation
  • Consult you on ad hoc basis

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International Expertise

Clients benefit from our deep and proven international expertise related to all aspects of email marketing: newsletters, campaigns, automation, nurturing, landing pages, conversion flows, content, creativity etc.

Whatever your current need is, we can help. And always with a focus on exceeding your expectations.

Although most of our clients prefer going steady, we are also available for specific, ad hoc projects. Many new clients prefer to start with one of our famed email marketing or marketing automation audits.

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Email marketing expertise that gets you results.

Email marketing is one of the best performing marketing channels in terms of ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). But only if you do it right.

GIDMA’s highly experienced email marketing experts can assist you and your team get better results. We work internationally with many different business types. And always with a relentless focus on getting results.

Here are some of the areas where we can help:

Create a winning email marketing strategy

Working with you and your team, our email marketing consultant helps you frame a winning email marketing strategy. The end result is an actionable plan, which you and your team can implement right away.

Full service email marketing implementation

If you wish to outsource your email marketing program, GIDMA can help. Based on your exact needs, our team will take care of every aspect of your email marketing.

Email marketing for lead or customer nurturing

Get better results through lead nurturing or customer nurturing programs. GIDMA can help you define and implement highly effective nurturing programs.

Acquire more customers and sell more to existing with marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a highly efficient method to increase your lead to customer conversion. GIDMA’s consultants are highly-experienced marketing automation practitioners with many successes under their belt.

GIDMA’s marketing automation services covers these areas:

  • Creating a solid strategy for marketing automation
  • Designing and implementing lead nurturing programs from A to Z
  • Creating and implementing triggered communication
  • Personalization and/or customization of marketing automation programs
  • Lead scoring methodology and implementation

In addition, GIDMA can help you choose the right marketing automation system. And help you integrate marketing automation with your existing CRM and/or ERP system.

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